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H2Whoa! Is your tap water safe?

Costco– June 2016

RTK founder Robert Weitz warns about the dangers that could be lurking in your tap water, including lead, pesticides, and bacteria.




The Poisonous Effects of Lead In Our Broken Water System

honeycolony-logo– April 2016

Drop by contaminated drop, we’ve been slowly discovering the poisonous effects of toxins in our tap water. Our water sources have recently been testing positive for a wide selection of disinfection byproducts, chemicals, heavy metals, and even pharmaceutical drugs.




23 Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Collections– March 2016

If you’ve been thinking about planting a spring garden, don’t get started until you have read the tips and tricks that we’ve gathered from several experts and knowledgeable gardening enthusiasts.  Their knowledge, practical advice, and budget-friendly ideas will help you whether you are an expert or a beginning gardener.





Builders finding ways to make homes stand up to Mother Nature’s fiercest outbursts

Chicago Tribune – February 2016

A movement in the home-building industry to adapt to risks of climate change is gaining momentum, promising new houses that are tougher and more able to bounce back from extreme weather events.




All about mold: what to look for and how to fight it

examiner logo – February 2016

Robert Weitz, owner of RTK Environmental in Fairfield County, tells the Examiner that there are different signs to look for in winter versus summer. In summer, the worry and the danger stem from the humidity and condensation, but sometimes winter brings more insidious challenges.




Newest homes built to stand up to Mother Nature’s fiercest outbursts

Wash Post – February 2016

A movement in the home-building industry to adapt to risks of climate change is gaining momentum, promising new houses that are tougher and more able to bounce back from extreme weather events. Although much attention has focused on green building practices, resilient-design strategies take the concept of building efficiently a step further with a proactive approach to creating durable homes that can withstand almost anything Mother Nature throws at them.




The Dangers of Fake Christmas Trees

iheartradio – December 2015

It’s an aesthetic choice – a real pine Christmas tree or one you bought at a big store that came in a box. Something you may not take into account is where the artificial tree was made, and what toxins it may contain.




Hidden Camera Investigation Reveals Technician Charging $700 For Easy Air Vent Fix

Inside edition – November 2015

RTK’s Robert Weitz helps INSIDE EDITION’s House of Shame series put more home repairmen to the test – this time to see if they give a fair deal for cleaning a home’s air vents.




Environmental Hazards in Your New HomeWest Fam logo

– October 2015

The process of buying a home wouldn’t be the same without the home inspection. Unfortunately, a regular home inspection can only tell the buyer so much. RTK gives insight into other tests you may need to make sure the home is safe.




Toxin Defense {24/7}

Energy Times– September 2015

Every day we unknowingly—and sometimes knowingly—encounter chemicals throughout our daily activities. Many toxins reside inside our own home, even in the air we breathe. Fortunately, you can do a lot to reduce your exposure and the potential risk to your health.



How to prevent and deal with home flooding

Journal News Logo – September 2015

Great tips from RTK to prevent basement flooding, including clear gutters and leaders and have a Shop-Vac at the ready.




Hurricane Season Prep: Getting Your Home, Car and Data Ready

Main Street Logo – July 2015

As heat waves continue to emerge and peak hurricane season is on its way soon, homeowners should prepare for power failures and flash flooding which could take down your access to electricity for several days.




Stop Mold In Its Tracks When Renovating

Construction today logo – March 2015

Before demolishing a wall, ceiling, or structure, a savvy contractor will order asbestos and lead testing to make sure that demolition won’t spread those toxins into the air. But what happens if you break through the surface and you uncover what looks like widespread mold?  What should you do?




How to prevent frozen pipes this winter

netquote logo – January 2015

Water damage caused by frozen pipes are one of the most common types of claims homeowners make on their insurance, according to a report published by ISO, a Verisk Analytics company.




Prep Your Place for Extreme Weather

forbes logo– December 2014

RTK founder Robert Weitz shares tips on preparing your home for extreme winter weather with real estate website Trulia. This article was reprinted on Forbes.com.




Prep Your Place for Extreme Weather

Trulia – December 2014

RTK founder Robert Weitz shares tips on preparing your home for extreme winter weather with real estate website Trulia.




Ask an expert: Mold Basics

The Journal News – August 2014

In this Journal News article, Robert Weitz is interviewed regarding suspected mold growth in the Katonah-Lewisboro schools in Westchester County, New York.




Suspect Mold? Here’s the 4-1-1 on Inspections

Georgetown Patch – July 2014

Certified Microbial Investigator Robert Weitz explains in this article how homeowners gain knowledge and unbiased information from his company’s mold inspections in the Washingon, DC area.




12 on Health: Uranium Found in Stamford, CT Well Water

News 12 Connecticut – March 2014

RTK Environmental Group’s Robert Weitz explains to homeowners how to test well water for uranium and other toxins after the substance was found in 70% of wells in Stamford, Connecticut.




Top Money Drains in Your Home

CBS3 KYW-TV – December 2013

Robert Weitz explains the preventative maintenance habits homeowners should be forming now in order to avoid headaches and big repair bills in the future.




Top Money Drains in Your Home

ABC-TV Baltimore – November 2013

In this television story, Robert Weitz illustrates how simple repairs in your home can help save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. This includes the HVAC system, a termite inspection, a bathroom fan, dryer vents. He also recommends inspecting the roof annually and check for mold, including the basement, attic, and bathrooms.




Risky Reconstruction

CBS2 New York – August 2013

In this story, WCBS-TV’s Dr. Max Gomez speaks with Robert Weitz about how effects from Hurricane Sandy could still harm your health including mold, lead paint, and asbestos in hazardous debris.




Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Westchester Magazine – August 2013

More than 80% of homes contain at least on environmental hazard, says RTK

Environmental’s Robert Weitz, CMI, in this important article in Westchester Magazine.




12 on Health: Doctors Say Removing Mold Prevents Respiratory Problems and Mold Allergies

News 12 Connecticut – July 2013

News 12’s Gillian Neff says wiping mold away with a damp sponge won’t get rid of the problem. She interviews RTK Environmental Group to find out what to do if you have basement mold and how sump pumps prevent basement flooding.




Kane in Your Corner: The Toxic Legacy of Superstorm Sandy

News 12 New Jersey – June 2013

News 12 New Jersey’s investigative reporter Walt Kane hires RTK Environmental Group to take independent soil samples of a home in Little Ferry, NJ to test for cancer-causing PCB’s, petroleum products, metals, and lead.




The Money Saver: The Dangers of Cutting Costs on Home Maintenance

CBS2 WCBS-TV New York – January 2013

CBS2 anchor Maurice DuBois interviews Robert Weitz on how small tune ups throughout the year can save homeowners thousands.




The Top Money Drains on Your House

CBS Miami – January 2013

Robert Weitz is interviewed on-camera for this story where he explains how certain types of home maintenance can really save homeowners a lot of money and headaches down the road.




Residents Urged to Check Gutters, Doors for Possible Leaks

CBS2 WCBS-TV New York – November 2012

Reporter Vanessa Murdock speaks with Robert Weitz on how to prepare your home for Hurricane Sandy. Weitz inspects a home’s roof, door sills, gutters, and basements.




Rossen Reports: Are mold contractors charging for unneeded work?

NBC NEWS Today Show – May 2012

The Today Show’s investigative reporter Jeff Rossen asks RTK Environmental Group’s Robert Weitz for help in ensuring that a home to be used in a hidden camera investigation is free of mold. RTK was instrumental in the success of this story.




Good Day New York: Cleaning Up After Hurricane Irene

FOX5 WNYW-TV New York – August 2011

The anchors interview Gene Burch of RTK Environmental Group on what to do if you had flooding from Hurricane Irene in your home. Burch describes how mold grows underneath carpets and inside walls.




Good Day New York: Preparing for Hurricane Irene – What Happens if You Have Mold in Your Basement?

Fox5 WNYW-TV New York – August 2011

Anchors Steve Levy and Rosanna Scotto sit down with RTK’s Gene Burch on what homeowners can do right now to prevent indoor flooding and mold from Hurricane Irene.




Water Today – Mold Tomorrow

HeatlhNewsDigest.com – March 2011

In this article, Robert Weitz is interviewed about the particularly difficult winter of 2010-2011 and how the snow created problems for homeowners and mold.




Is your office safe and healthy? Watch out for these workplace hazards

New York Daily News – May 2009

Your immune system differs from your colleague’s, and can react badly to fumes from cleaning supplies, says Robert Weitz in this interview.




Avoiding Toxins in Your Building

The Cooperator – December 2008

From mold and lead, to asbestos and radon, there are many hazards that affect New York City co-ops and condos. Robert Weitz of RTK Environmental Group lists many of them in this story.




What’s Furry and Thirsty and Loves the Dark?

The New York Times – May 2007

In this article, the New York Times tags along with Robert Weitz as he inspects a home in Katonah, New York for mold. You won’t believe what he finds!




Filthy Rich Business

Entrepreneur Magazine – February 2007

In this article, business owners who deal with disgusting items—including Robert Weitz who started RTK—explain how they’ve build solid businesses on disgusting things (like testing for mold in a damp, dreary basement.




How to treat a sick office: Go after hidden environmental factors

American Medical News – December 2006

In this article, RTK Environmental Group explains how routine maintenance to your building can prevent “sick office” and poor indoor air quality.



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