What to Expect When You’re Inspecting for Mold 

Maybe you’ve noticed a mildewy smell. Or you’ve had water leaks or spotted visible signs of mold. For many homeowners, the thought of having mold in their home is terrifying, but if you’ve seen the signs, it’s important to take the next—and safest—step, which is to schedule a mold inspection with a trained professional who can help you understand whether you have a mold problem and what you can do about it…

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Before You Buy A Home, Test for Lead

lead testing home rentalWe get a lot of inquiries from people in the market to purchase a new home about whether or not they should have the home tested for lead. Our answer? Absolutely. Then we are hit with the follow-up question – “But the seller says there is no lead. Should we still have it tested?” The answer is still yes. Here’s why: Lead lawsThe way the EPA rules are written, sellers and landlords must disclose known lead-based paint hazards. “Known” being the key word.