Preventing Ice Dams & Ice Dam Removal: What You Need To Know

After just a few snowstorms, those dreaded ice dams have started to form. There is still time to prevent ice dams that form from snow on your roof. Ice dam removal can be difficult, so put up roof snow guards or get out the roof rake and stay on top of removing snow from gutters and your home. If you see them hanging from your gutters, you may be in for some trouble. Here are some answers to the most common questions about ice dams.

What is an ice dam?

When you see icicles, it means you have ice dams, and ice dams.

5 “Hacks” for A Clean, Healthy Home

You’ve cleared away the trappings of the holidays and are ready to start the year off right with a cleaner, healthier home. But hold on, now. Tidying up is important, but it’s the stuff you can’t readily see that poses the biggest problems. Mold, poor indoor air quality, soil contaminants—these are just some of the issues that plague homeowners and, if left unchecked, can cost a fortune to remediate. This year, resolve to get your house in order with these simple, clever solutions. 1. Clean smart: That lemony fresh smell in common household cleaners is actually a more


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