7 Tips To Ensure Your Home is Healthy and Holiday Ready

Before the guests arrive, make sure your home is in tip-top shape with these often overlooked household checks. After all, healthy guests make for much happier holidays!


1. Musty Odors

You may think that musty odor is barely noticeable, but mold odorthat’s likely because you’re used to it. Your guests will notice right away, and if they have allergies, sit them as far away from the turkey as possible, get them a box of tissues, and watch out for the sneezing that will ensue! A musty odor means that your home.


Is Your Artificial Christmas Tree Toxic?

Many people buy artificial Christmas trees to avoid the mess of dropped needles spread rtk lead testthroughout their homes. Unfortunately, that pristine artificial tree could be spreading something you can’t see: toxic lead dust. Most artificial trees are manufactured in China and made from two items: PVC, a petroleum-based plastic, and lead, used to stabilize PVC. The lead in the “greens” breaks down into lead dust, which is released into the air, poisoning everyone, but especially children younger than six. toxic lead treeMany.

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