Ah-choo! Is It the Cherry Blossoms or Hidden Mold?

mold testing washingtonThe National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC has ended, but our allergies are just beginning. What’s making you sneeze and your eyes water, nose run, throat tickle? Pollen is the usual culprit, and gets much of the blame. But mold, seen and unseen, may be playing a bigger role in your springtime suffering than you realize. Most people assume that their symptoms are caused by pollen and ragweed, so they diligently close windows and turn up the air conditioning. You may be so focused on the allergens outdoors, however, that you.

A “Free” Mold Inspection? Here’s the Catch…

One-stop shops that both test for and remediate mold woo customers with “free” tests or low prices, but consumers often end up paying thousands more in unnecessary repairs. You may think you are getting a deal by hiring a company that offers “free” or inexpensive mold mold testing new yorktesting. Think about it, though – nothing is free.  Here’s where they’ll get you: A company that offers both testing and remediation has a financial incentive.