Before You Remodel or Renovate

asbestos renovation lead mold
Have a home built before 1978? Stop! Your home may contain toxic lead paint (lead paint was banned for residential use in 1978). Although undisturbed lead paint poses no safety hazard, disrupting the toxic substance could cause all sorts of health problems, especially in children, the elderly and pets.

And, improper demolition or renovation can not only cost you thousands more in unnecessary repairs, it can also send a host of toxins into parts of your home that were not affected, including mold spores, lead dust, and asbestos.

test before you renovate

An independent environmental inspection from RTK will pinpoint exactly what needs to be removed, what’s salvageable, and which environmental hazards are present.

Contact RTK at 1-800-392-6468 to set up an environmental inspection prior to remodeling or renovating.


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