Mold Testing – Keeping Your Home Safe

Mold Testing New York

A common misconception is that only dirty houses get mold; clean and tidy houses are spared. But the truth is that mold can be present anywhere, in any type of home, and often the homeowners don’t even know it. That’s why mold testing is so important.

Very Little Mold Can Cause Illness

Mold spreads spores that can make you sick, including triggering asthma attacks and other respiratory issues. Black mold can be extremely toxic. A mold spot the size of a dime contains approximately 500,000 spores. Through expert mold testing, our certified mold inspectors can help you discover what’s causing mold growth in your home.

Mold Study and Analysis

In addition to finding the mold, our experts are able to analyze it and determine what type of mold it is and how much of a potential health hazard it is to your and your family. You can then make a more informed decision regarding what to do about your mold problem.

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